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PDR Pricing

So far everything sounds great. Right? But what about the pricing? How much does PDR cost? Great question! Here's the answer....


Cost of Paintless Dent Repair in Angeles City, Philippines


There's good news for owners of dented cars. When you compare DentDok PDR to traditional body shop repairs in the Philippines you’ll find that our service is not only better in many ways, but it's significantly cheaper as well.There are many reasons for this. PDR does not require paint, matching paint, or the custom mixing of paint colors. It doesn‘t require spray painting or spray painting equipment, or the required baking in large automotive paint baking ovens. Nor does it require the use of Bondo putty, sanding, sandpaper, or a sander of any kind. Fixing a ding usually means repairing an entire door or quarter panel so the paint can look like it matches the surrounding area. All these things cost money and take time and a skilled technician to do the work. It all adds up so fast.

It’s because of all those things that the cost of fixing a ding at a body shop will run you P5000 or more. Compare that to the cost of repairing a ding at DentDok and you’ll see there is a big difference. A similar repair of a small ding at DentDok will run you only about P1000 - P2000 depending on the size and severity of the ding or dent, and the difficulty we will have in reaching it. 

When it comes to multiple dents on the same panel there is more good news. When we do a second or third ding or dent on the same panel, the pricing for the extra dents is significantly less than the first one. The reason for this is simple: We've already done what we needed to in order to access the first ding. For instance, we may have had to remove some moldings or the inside panel of your door. The cost of that was factored into your first repair. So we don't have to charge you twice for that. 

To find out more about our dent repair pricing read our quote information page and ask for a PDR qoute on our contact page. 

 When you need dent repair in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, be sure to contact DentDok first. You'll be happy you did.


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