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Angeles City, Pampanga

Paintless Dent Removal Service


DentDok is the first and only paintless auto dent removal & repair service in Angeles City, Pampanga. We pride ourselves on being the best by putting our customer's needs first.

We do most of our work at the client's location but do have an easy to find a location near Marquee Mall off of the Angeles City NLEX exit. To make an appointment for a quote or service at your location or at our workshop location in Pampanga please contact us through our contact page for directions. On our contact page, you'll be able to describe your damage and or send us a picture of it so we can let you know if our paintless dent removal service can help you, or if we recommend another solution.


Auto Dent Repair Shops, Angeles City, Pampanga

When you're looking for auto dent repair shops in Angeles City, take a close look at what DentDok has to offer. When it comes to minor cosmetic repairs to your car from fender-benders or light accident damage, we may be your best and least expensive solution. DentDok is a specialized repair shop that uses a technique known as PDR or Paintless Dent Repair to fix your car. Learn more about PDR on the pages of this site. 

PDR works best on car damage where the paint is not chipped or scratched. We've also had a lot of success with repairing rubber & plastic bumpers that have been dented. We may also be able to polish out small scratches, so it's best to send us a picture or make an appointment to find out if we can help. If your damage can be repaired using PDR techniques you'll be very happy with our prices and our work. Please check out the rest of this site to learn more about PDR and how we can help bring your auto damage to like-new condition again.


Body Shops -- Angeles City, Pampanga

Most body shops in Angeles City, Pampanga specialize in severe damage to vehicles. Here at DentDok, we work mostly on cars that have damage where the paint is not scratched. We can fix all kinds of dents, whether they are deep or shallow, on all parts of car bodies, but only when the paint has not been severely chipped or scratched. If the paint has minor chips or scratches we can sometimes polish them out or try to eliminate them for you. But for major body shop types of repairs, we may want to refer you to a local qualified shop. However, if your damage qualifies for our service we know you're going to be very happy with the outcome.

There are several capable Angeles City Body Shops in the local area. DentDok is currently seeking out the best so that we can refer our customers that may have severe damage or may need additional parts in order to finish a job that qualifies for PDR. We know there are times when a good local bodyshop may be necessary. We'll let you know if we think you need one. However, if you're lucky enough to qualify for our Paintless Dent Repair Service, you're going to be very happy indeed. 


Auto Dent Repair Services Pampanga PH -- Paintless PDR

When you're looking for auto dent repair services in Pampanga, Philippines, there is one thing to consider. All auto dent repair services are not the same. As a matter of fact, there are some big differences in how dents are repaired from one service to another.

The paintless PDR service, as performed by DentDok, is a new type of service in the Philippines. Many people have never heard about it or seen it done before. Some of our repairs are even hard to believe until you see the results. People often ask: How can you fix a dent on a car without paint and putty? It's not always easy, but with the right tools and techniques and a lot of practice, many types of dents and dings, big and small, deep and shallow, can surprisingly be repaired this way. And, when they are done using PDR techniques, it's actually better for the car and the owner for many reasons -- especially when it comes to the price and the amount of time you will save. See our PDR VS Body Shop page to learn more.


Automobile Accident Repair Services Angeles City

If you've had an accident and need accident repair services in Angeles City, you have a few options. If the accident was severe and the body of your car has been torn apart, parts have fallen or broken off, or large amounts of paint have been scratched, chipped, or removed, you're going to need to have your repairs done at a body shop. On the other hand, if you've been lucky and all your parts are still where they belong, and your paint is still in good shape (a few scuffs are OK, we can polish them out), you have come to the right place. These are the types of automobile accident repair services we do at DentDok in Angeles City. You'll be amazed at what we can do, and how much money we can save you.

Please call or contact us to set up a home appointment or find out the address of our local Pampanga office. 

When you need dent repair in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, be sure to contact DentDok first. You'll be happy you did.


Our Address

Please note that we work by appointment only and we are often out working on location. We hate to disappoint people so please do not show up without an appointment. Our address is: Stall 16 Access RD EPZA, Pulung Cacutud, Angeles City 2009. For easy directions please see our map here.