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Body Shops in Pampanga, Philippines


Have you recently had an auto accident of a fender bender?  If you're looking for Body Shops in Pampanga you may be in luck. Although many accidents require the services of a full-service Body Shop, not all accidents require one.

Does your damage include scratched paint; broken or missing parts; extreme dents or damage to the panels of your car; broken mechanical parts; damage to the suspension, or frame of the car? If so, you're going to need a full-service Body Shop. If not, you're in luck. You may qualify for our quick, easy, and inexpensive services. Read on to learn more.


Car Body Shop - Pampanga

The typical Pampanga Car Body Shop has equipment and facilities for filling, sanding, painting, and baking. Not only that, but they are able to match colors fairly well by mixing paint based on the original color, by taking into consideration the amount of fading due to age, etc. These skills do not come easy and are learned and perfected over time. When searching for a Body Shop for your damaged car, we suggest going with established shops that are recommended by people you know. 


Automotive Body Repair

A typical Automotive Body Repair Shop provides the following services:

  • Removal of any damaged parts, such as fenders, bumpers, grills, trim, and hoods
  • Car frame realignment when necessary
  • Attach or fit and weld replacement parts onto the vehicle
  • Applying new finishes to body parts that may need it
  • Replacement of windows and glass
  • Sanding, grinding, buffing, and polishing of painted surfaces

A Body Shop can actually do some pretty amazing things as far as restoring a damaged vehicle goes. A good one can often take what looks like a tangled mess of metal and make it look almost like new drive like new as well.  Minor damage, such as a cracked windshield or a torn piece of metal is often easy work for such shops (when the workers are qualified and experienced). The tools they use are sometimes common, such as files, pliers, hammers, and screwdrivers, and sometimes expensive and complicated such as pneumatic tools, metal-cutting tools, or plasma cutters.

These services are important when necessary. However, you should keep in mind that not all repairs require the use of these types of services and tools.


Collision Body Shops Angeles City, Pampanga

Quote FormIf you're looking for a good Collision Body Shop in Angeles City you should first be sure you actually need one. For damages as discussed above, it's obvious you're going to need collision work done. However, if your damage is on the surface of your car, and the paint is not scratched or the metal is not torn or broken, you may qualify for our paintless dent removal services. If you're not sure whether your damage qualifies or not you can always contact us to find out more. We may even be able to recommend a good local Body Shop in Pampanga that can help you out. 

We are currently working with a handful of local Body Shops in order to assess the quality of their work. We are seeking a good working relationship with the areas best facilities so we can refer them to our clients who need additional services. Keep this in mind when you contact us with your repair needs. Even if your work goes beyond traditional paintless dent repair, we may still be able to help you get quality work done. For more information contact us using our quick and easy quote form.