"Paintless Dent Repair Specialist"

About Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)


Paintless dent repair, also known as paintless dent removal, or PDR is a new and better way to repair auto body damage. Amazing repairs can be accomplished on all kinds of car damage. An experienced PDR technician can repair everything from damage caused by supermarket shopping carts and absent minded car passengers opening their doors, to collisions with other cars.

PDR is the fastest, most effective and efficient method for removing everything from simple dings on doors, to damage from minor dents, including dents from falling coconuts. Not only that, but amazingly enough PDR costs less than traditional body shop methods, as there is no drilling, sanding, painting, puttying, or baking necessary.

Not all car repairs repair traditional bodywork, because today's auto paints are very strong and resilient and can often withstand many of the types of damage that happens to vehicles. There is no sense in re-painting a vehicle if the paint has not been scratched or chipped.

Although there are many body shops around, PDR technicians are few and far between. This is because of the amount of time, training, experience, and specialized tools that are necessary to become proficient at the techniques.


Some of the non-damaging techniques we use at DentDok:

 Dent Repair In Angeles City

 Line-boarding to Make Sure All Contours Match the Original


Paintless Dent Repair Angeles City
 Dent Pulling Without Drilling - Using Specialized Tools and Techniques
Dent Repair in PampangaPushing Dents from the Inside Using Special Tools



These techniques are designed to repair damage to your vehicle without using paint or Bondo putty, or causing hidden damage than can show up in the future as rust and cracks. Not only are the repairs better for your vehicle, and easier on your pocket book, but you'll walk away astonished at how great your car will look.

We think it's pretty obvious that PDR is much better than traditional body work. If you agree, and if the damage to your vehicle is the type of damage that PDR is best at repairing, contact DentDok today to get a quote on your job. Check out the chart on our page comparing PDR VS body shop work to see if we can help.

Don't let just any body shop or PDR tech work on your vehicle. Not all PDR techs work to our standards. Trust the team at DentDok to do your work. We care about you and your vehicle. Once you try our services we know you'll tell all your friends.


Benefits and Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR):


  • Repairs can be done in as little as a day
  • Your vehicle will maintain the original manufacturer’s finish and warranty
  • You do not need to worry about paint color and texture matching
  • PDR reapirs are usually significantly less expensive than body shop repairs
  • There is no filling, sanding, or grinding of any of the car's panels
  • In most cases it's not necessary to remove glass panels or cut factory seals with PDR
  • PDR is environmentally friendly


Frequently Asked Questions About Paintless Dent Repair:



Today's automotive paints are very flexible and do not easily chip off. They are actually quite rubber like in many respects. There are flex agents added to today's paints as well, that make it possible for PDR to work well.


Unlike traditional body shop repairs, where cracks can appear, and rust can begin to form, damage done before PDR repairs will not come back over time. A great PDR tech will produce great reapairs that will last the lifetime of the vehicle. 


Yes! Damage to cars from falling coconuts is very common in the Philippines. Luckily this type of damage usually doesn't scratch or remove any paint, and therefore it is a perfect candidate for PDR.


Most of our clients have an astonished look on their face when they come to pick up their car. The repairs look so good that they are usually virtually invisible. Occasionally a repair can only be brought to about 90%-95% percent of perfect or even a little less. If our our technician feel that the finished work will show noticeable signs of damage when it is done, he will tell you that before we begin the work. In most cases the finished work will look just as good as the car did before any damage occurred to most people who look at it.


It all depends on the condition of the paint on the car, and the sharpness of the creases in the dents. You'd be surprised at the amount and types of damage PDR can repair. The best way to find out if your repairs are a good candidate for DentDok PDR is to come in and have us check it out for you. There is no obligation for this service.

When you need dent repair in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, be sure to contact DentDok first. You'll be happy you did.